Our wedding party

Erin's attendants
  • Michelle Taylor, Maid Of Honor
    Michelle is Erin's older sister
  • Ryann Healey, Maid Of Honor
    Ryann is Erin's taller but younger sister
  • Megan Carlier, Bridesmaid
    Megan is Erin's sister from another mister
  • Bethany Bilton, Bridesmaid
    Bethany is Erin's cousin and life long friend
  • Carly Froyum, Bridesmaid
    Carly is Erin's college friend
  • Erin Bilton, Bridesmaid
    Erin is Erin's family friend
  • Hannah Pusey, Bridesmaid
    Hannah is Erin's friend from Karate
  • Shannon Cassidy, Bridesmaid
    Shannon is Erin's "climbing buddy" from school
  • Tavia Burlakoff, Bridesmaid
    Tavia is Erin's friend from college
  • Sarah Frain, Bridesmaid
    Sarah is Erin's friend from college
Ben's attendants
  • Ralph Cachero, Groomsman
  • Tim Starr, Groomsman
  • Chris Simpson, Groomsman
  • Derek McClure, Groomsman
  • Tyler Morgan, Groomsman
  • Michael Kramer, Groomsman
  • Matthew Taylor, Groomsman
  • Brad Hoadley, Groomsman
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